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G. Ross Davis

Our partner and friend, Ross Davis, died on October 29, 2011, after a brief illness.

Ross was called to the bar in 1974 and was a certified specialist in Family Law for twenty years. He was a leader in the legal profession, a steady hand at Bennett Best Burn LLP and inspired confidence in his clients when they needed it most.

Throughout his career Ross was involved in family law education and reform, notably in the area of the Child Support Guidelines. He was co-editor of Kronby’s Divorce Practice Manual (3rd Edition). As a leader in the Ontario Bar Association, Ross was Chair of the Family Law Section (1983 – 85), Chair of the Law Reform Committee (1985 – 86), and Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Committee (1995 – 1998). He was for many years an instructor in the Law Society’s Bar Admission Course. He spoke frequently at professional development programs and chaired several province-wide programs, most recently on the development of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

Ross was an executive member of the Family Law Bench and Bar Committee and, for many years its Chair. Since 1996, Ross was a Dispute Resolution Officer of the Superior Court of Justice. On January 30, 2012, the refurbished dispute resolution offices of the Superior Court of Justice at Toronto were named and dedicated to the memory of G. Ross Davis.

Ross was an outstanding lawyer. He was admired by other lawyers as knowledgeable, professional and courteous at all times. He was generous, sharing his time and wisdom with his colleagues and to his partners and associates at Bennett Best Burn LLP. His clients appreciated him and colleagues and clients still call to remark on his thoughtfulness, kindness and decency.

At Bennett Best Burn LLP, we are proud to have had Ross with us for so long and he will be missed.